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How to Choose a Tie

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How to Choose a tie? Few fashion accessories(附件,配件) can enhance(提高) an outfit like a necktie. Follow these tips to look your classiest. You will need: ties, jackets, suits, shirts, and self-awareness. Optional: a sense of style.

Step 1: Size it up

Pick a tie that hits the top of your belt buckle(皮带扣) and measures between 2¼ and 4 inches wide. For a classic look, choose a width that corresponds to the width of your jacket’s lapel(翻领).

Step 2: Remember textures

Wear wool ties with tweed(斜纹软呢) or heavyweight jackets, and silk ties with business suits(西装). For a deeper color quality on silk ties, make sure they’re woven(机织的), rather than screened(影印的).

Step 3: Match colors

Select a tie that has the colors of your suit and shirt as well as at least one other color to provide an accent. For formal occasions, choose a solid colored(纯色的) tie that’s darker than your shirt.

Tip: Avoid novelty ties — though they can provide a festive look, they’re more likely to be distracting(使人分心).

Step 4: Look in the mirror

Frame your face. If you have dark hair and a dark complexion(肤色), go with a bright tie; if you’re fair(皮肤白皙的), choose a darker tie. If your hair and skin tone contrast(对照), wear a tie that contrasts with your skin tone.

Step 5: Match patterns

Pick a pattern that complements(补足,补充) your outfit. If your shirt’s pattern is pronounced(显著的), choose a subtle tie; if your shirt is muted(温和的), your tie can be a bit flashier(浮华的).

Tip: If you wear a striped(条纹的) tie and striped shirt, make sure the stripes are different sizes.

Step 6: Stay classy

When in doubt, stay subtle; while a tie can be the focal point(焦点) of an outfit, it’s an accessory and shouldn’t pull the focus away from you.

Did you know? The French popularized the necktie in the 17th century after seeing it on Croatian(克罗地亚的) soldiers during the Thirty Years War.

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