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How to spend quality time with your parents?

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Hanging out(出去一起玩) with the folks can be fun. Really. Trust us. You will need: an open mind, a project, event or activity, and a positive(正面的,积极的) attitude.

Step 1: Do something active
Do something active. Take a hike(远足) together, go cycling, rent some Jet Skis(水上摩托). Exercise increases the brain’s production of endorphins(内啡肽), the feel-good chemicals(化学物质), putting everyone in a good mood.

Step 2: Try something new
Try something new and preferably(更适宜) daring(大胆的). Research shows that sharing a new experience—especially one that’s a little scary—helps people bond(粘合).

Step 3: Play a team game
Play a game where the family can divide into teams—like you and your dad against your mom and brother in a game of bowling(保龄球), tennis, or golf. Rooting for(支持) the same side is a great equalizer(平衡器).

Tip: Ask your parents about their past. It’s a safe subject that they’ll warm to(对……起劲); plus, it will remind you that your parents were once young, too.

Step 4: Laugh with each other
Laugh with each other. Rent a few comedies, take in some stand-up(以说笑为主的) acts, or just exchange funny family stories around the dinner table. Psychologists(心理学家) who have researched laughter say that it builds strong connections.

Step 5: Play cards
Play cards together. According to one study, you can learn more about a person in one game of cards than you could on 12 dates. Imagine what insights you could gain into people you’ve known your whole life!

Did you know? According to one poll, 67% of American teens say they want to spend more time with their parents.

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