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How To Make Yourself Indispensable At Work and Avoid Getting Laid Off

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How to make yourself indispensable(不可缺少的) at work and avoid getting laid off? No one is ____1____ (免疫的) to getting the axe(被解雇) – especially in an economic downturn. But you can certainly lower your chances. You will need: loyalty, reliability(可靠性), problem-solving abilities, revenue-producing capabilities, a pleasant personality, and flexibility(灵活性).

Step 1: Demonstrate loyalty
Be ____2____ (有声的) about your commitment(许诺) to your place of employment. Eighty-five percent of CEOs surveyed ranked loyalty as the employee ____3____ (品质) they most admired.

Step 2: Make your boss' life easier
Make your boss’ life easier. Complete tasks reliably; ____4____ (超过,先于……) their needs; be a self-starter; consistently exceed ____5____ (期望).

Tip: Don’t go to your boss with problems; bring them solutions.

Step 3: Save the company money
If your job is to make the company money, step up your efforts. If you’re not in a revenue-producing position, find ways to save the company money.

Step 4: Be a team player
Be a pleasure to work with. Being liked and respected by your ____6____ (同事) is almost as important as having the boss’ ____7____ (承认,赞美).

Step 5: Go with the flow
Be flexible. Employees who can ____8____ (适应于) change are not only considered more valuable, but have a better chance of surviving a reorganization.

Step 6: Be someone you'd want to keep
Be the kind of employee you’d want to ____9____ (保留) in a downturn. What’s more sensible than that?

Did you know? Employees with a strong work ethic(职业道德) are more valuable to employers than those with a high IQ, according to one survey.







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