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Video: Romantic Wedding Proposals Caught on Tape

来源:Reader's Digest 作者:Liz Kennedy 时间:2009-02-07 Tag:relationship   proposal   点击:

Watch video of the top ten romantic proposals caught on tape.

Think you were proposed to in a romantic way? Watch these videos to see how these lucky ladies were popped the big question(pop the question:求婚). Would you say "yes" to these proposals?

Billboard Proposal
Watch this woman get a marriage proposal while on the job.

A Graduation Proposal
Watch this woman get a diploma and a ring!

An iProposal
Watch a creative proposal made by a Mac lover.

Marriage Proposal on Ice
Watch these two skaters end their routine on a very romantic note.

Wedding Proposal at 38,000 Feet
Watch this re-enactment of Adam Sandler's confession of love in "The Wedding Singer."

A Newscaster Proposal
Watch an anchorwoman get surprised by her anchorman.

Talk Show Proposal
Watch Ellen DeGeneres surprise a lucky couple.

Proposed to on the Set of Scrubs
Watch the cast of "Scrubs" help with this proposal.

A Navy Proposal
Watch this woman get an official Navy proposal.

An Animated Proposal
Watch a real life woman get an animated proposal.

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