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How to mend a friendship

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Disagreements with your best friend will happen from time to time. Take the initiative(采取主动,带头) and mend a missed and broken friendship. You will need: communication, sympathy and time.

Step 1: Assess situation
Assess(评估) the situation and figure out what went wrong.

Step 2: Reach out
Be humble(谦逊的) and reach out to your lost friend. Write a letter, send a card or an email, and invite them to talk or get together.

Tip: Be patient and wait for a response(回应). Your friend may not be ready to mend the friendship.

Step 3: Express your feelings
Express your feelings about the situation that broke the friendship. Be honest, calm, and polite.

Step 4: Apologize
Apologize to your friend. If you feel you did not cause the broken friendship, take the initiative and apologize for how you reacted.

Step 5: Be sympathetic
Be sympathetic(赞同的,支持的) to your friend’s point of view.

Step 6: Acknowledge change
Acknowledge(承认) and accept that your friendship may never be the same.

Step 7: Cherish your friendship
Cherish(珍爱) your friendship and make time to grow and keep your connections strong.

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