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Coldplay to stop making music as a band in 2025

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Coldplay will stop recording music as a band in 2025, frontman Chris Martin has revealed.

Martin made the announcement on Radio 2 on Wednesday, in a clip trailing ahead to his Christmas Show with Jo Whiley on the same channel on Thursday evening.

"Our last proper record will come out in 2025, and after that I think we will only tour," he said.

"And maybe we'll do some collaborative things but the Coldplay catalogue, as it were, finishes then."

Whiley told fellow DJ Zoe Ball on her breakfast show that while Martin is "disarmingly honest" in interviews, she is also "never quite sure if he's joking or being deadly serious".

However on this occasion, his latest comments are consistent with what he said around the release of his band's ninth studio album, Music Of The Spheres, which went straight to number one earlier this year.

Martin told The NME in October they intended to make 12 albums [three more] and then stop. But his latest chat with Whiley is apparently the first time he has ever put a date on it.

Speaking to the BBC recently, the bandleader said their next tour will partly be powered by a dancefloor that generates electricity when fans jump up and down, and pedal power at the venues.

It's part of a 12-point plan to cut their carbon footprint, two years after the band pledged not to tour until they could do so in a more sustainable way.

Martin said fans will be on "kinetic flooring". "When they move, they power the concert," he told BBC entertainment correspondent Colin Paterson. "And we have bicycles too that do the same thing."

Coldplay pulled several performances including their planned show at the Capital Jingle Bell Ball in London this month due to positive Covid tests in their touring party. They have been nominated for group of the year and best rock/alternative act at next month's 2022 Brit Awards.

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