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License plates are getting a tech makeover

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From in-vehicle infotainment to driver-assist systems, digital technology can be seen in just about every component of modern automobiles — except the license plate. But if one Silicon Valley startup has its way, even those stamped metal plates will soon go digital as well.

Reviver Auto, of Foster City, California, has developed electronic license plates, dubbed Rplates, that feature wireless LTE technology and monochromatic digital ink screens like the ones seen in e-reader devices.

“License plates have been around for over 125 years,” Reviver Auto CEO Neville Boston said. “All the innovation around automobiles — it’s the one thing that’s never changed.”

The company says its plates give motorists a new way to customize their vehicles — for example, letting them add personal messages (subject to approval from the Department of Motor Vehicles) or mentions of their favorite causes and charities. And the plates give authorities a new way to broadcast weather updates and emergency messages.

Each plate’s unique identifying characters are constantly displayed, of course. But motorists can add embellishments, such as university or sports team logos — and change these whenever they want. And in an emergency, the plates can display, for example, a flash flood warning or an AMBER Alert.

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