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Obama kicks off campaign with infrastructure plan

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MILWAUKEE — President Barack Obama, scrambling(争夺,索求) to spur(刺激) job creation, proposed a six-year plan on Monday to rebuild infrastructure(基础设施) with an initial $50 billion investment and prepared new business tax cuts.

"We are going to rebuild 150,000 miles of our roads -- that's enough to circle the world six times. ... We're going to lay and maintain 4,000 miles of our railways -- enough to stretch coast-to-coast," Obama told a labor rally(集会,群众大会) in Milwaukee where several thousand supporters cheered his every line.

The infrastructure plan, one of several initiatives(主动的行动) Obama is unveiling(揭开) this week, was immediately criticized by Republicans, who many analysts predict could win control of the House of Representatives in November 2 congressional elections(国会选举).

With fellow Democrats facing punishment from recession-weary voters in November, Obama is under pressure to do more to create jobs and bring down the stubbornly high 9.6 percent unemployment rate, even as economists agree he has few good options left.

An administration official said Obama will propose on Wednesday in Cleveland that businesses be allowed to write off(结束掉) all their new investments in plant and equipment through 2011.

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