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Best places to celebrate Christmas

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Best places to celebrate Christmas
The Christmas season is a great time for a getaway break, with cities around the world hosting colourful markets, spectacular decorations and festive events galore. Here are some great destinations for a seasonal holiday.


Rome, Italy
As the centre of Roman Catholicism, Rome is one of the best places to celebrate Christmas. People from all over the world visit their local churches to attend special midnight mass services.


Budapest, Hungary
The ancient buildings of Budapest gleam with Christmas lights during winter, making it one of the most impressive times to travel around the city.


New York, USA
One of the world’s largest holiday destinations, New York dazzles during Christmas with music, shows and an atmospheric energy.


London, UK
With lights brightening the city and vibrant markets, Christmas celebration in London always keeps the visitors busy and entertained.


Berlin, Germany
Germany does Christmas markets so well that 'German markets' are a regular festive fixture in cities across Europe. You can't do better than sampling the original, though - the Christmas market at Berlin's Gendarmenmarkt is one of the best.


Zurich, Switzerland
With five Christmas markets, Zurich is one of the most spectacular places to celebrate Christmas. The freshly made Nidelzältli toffees from the Christmas markets are a real delight.


Vienna, Austria
Vienna’s main Christmas Market is one of the oldest in Europe, dating back to the late 13th-century, and is just one of the reason to celebrate Christmas in Vienna.


Montreal, Canada
Montreal’s strong French influence brings a European feel to the Quebec city and the city blazes with Christmas cheer in the winter months.


Prague, Czech Republic
A city of splendid gothic architecture and unusual folkloric customs, Christmas in Prague is an extreme delight with its popular Christmas markets bringing a touch of local traditions.


Madrid, Spain
Madrid gets in a full swing during the Christmas season. There is plenty of stuff to keep visitors entertained, from the Christmas market to a number of pop-up ice rinks.


Brussels, Belgium
Known for having two Santas (St. Nicholas and Pere Noel), it’s no surprise that Belgium’s capital Brussels has vibrant Christmas celebrations. Its annual ‘Winter Wonders’ Christmas market was voted the ‘most original in Europe’ by British tour operators.


Paris, France
The city lives up to the tag ‘City of Lights’ with a glittering display of Christmas lights all over town. The market and ice-skating underneath the iconic Eiffel Tower are a big attraction.


Sydney, Australia
Sydney’s iconic skyline gets even brighter during Christmas. Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and Town Hall look stunning during the Christmas light show.


San Francisco, USA
San Francisco is always up for a party, but the Christmas celebrations are simply electric. Atmospheric crowds, lights, a great market and ice skating keep visitors entertained.


Anchorage, Alaska
If you are looking for a white Christmas, Alaska is the best choice. It has a packed schedule of winter carnivals, dogsledding races, ice carving competitions and community snowshoeing expeditions.

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