Seasonal Projects

Yesterday a group of us knitters1 got together to knit2, chat3, show off4 our completed projects and drink tea.  It was a happy occasion for all eight of us excepting that my cold and cough were bothering me.  Everyone else seemed to have the same cold too so I didn’t feel too guilty at being there.


I wore the new wool sweater I had recently finished knitting for this winter season.  It was warm and toasty5.  Another friend was finishing a big white afghan6 that she was making for her daughter.  Yet another knitter was making a purse7 for her teenaged granddaughter.  She has five granddaughters and made a purse for each one.  Each is lovely and different from the others, just like her granddaughters, she says.  The hostess was making a sweater to take to a church in Des Moines, where the pastor8 distributes9 warm clothing to needy children10.  She believes that the sweaters she contributes should be bright and cheerful.  I agree and told her I’ll get one finished for her to take when she takes hers next week.  I am also finishing an afghan to send to Kathy Li, our honorary Chinese granddaughter.  I’ve made it out of leftover yarn scraps11 from other projects, so it will be a bright and cheerful cover for her and her mom.  As I sew the strips together, I fondly remember the projects I used the various colors of yarn for and hope the recipients12 have enjoyed them. 


As we sat, talked and drank tea, we also discussed the joy of sharing our creativity13 with others.  One young lady who was there is married to a farmer who raises sheep.  She both spins14 and dyes15 the yarn she knits with.  Her projects are special, of course.  Our hostess yesterday grew up in the country of Lebanon16.  She makes special Lebanese honey pastries17 and cakes which she shared with us all.  It was a warm and festive18 occasion for all of us, including their little dog who begged for cookie bites. 


As we all left, we felt we had truly started the Christmas season in the right way.



1. knitters: 编织者
2. knit:
3. chat: talk informally with others (
4. show off: (Informal) exhibit something with pride (
5. toasty: warm and comfortable (
6. afghan: (
用针织或钩针编成,常呈几何花纹的) 阿富汗披肩 (或毛毯)
7. purse: a small bag in which money and other small items are carried by women (
8. pastor: the leader of a church (
牧师). .
9. distributes: gives out items to others (
10. needy children:
11. scraps: small amounts or pieces of left over material (
12. recipients: people who receive something (
13. creativity:
14. spins:
15. dyes:
16. Lebanon: a Middle Eastern country close to the Mediterranean Sea (
17. pastries: small baked items made from some sort of dough, usually sweetened as desired, and in various shapes and forms (
18. festive: party-like, happy or joyous in nature (

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