Lunch Lady

                                                               by Kimberley Huffman

My name is Kimberley Huffman. I am the only daughter of Don and Maxine Huffman. I have studied many things, including cooking.


My current job is as Kitchen Manager1 at our local public intermediate school2. The school is US grades 4, 5 and 6. The students range in age from 9 to 12. My job is to oversee3 the production of school lunch for over 1000 students in our town.


The National School Lunch program4 began in 1946, though students at many schools were already being served lunch by then. School Lunch is a federal program and much of the food and financial assistance comes from the government.


The government makes guidelines5 and standards6 for schools who serve lunch to their students. Many of these guidelines regard portion size7 and items that are served. The standards include the principle that students should be given healthy choices8 along with well balanced meals9. Schools must serve protein10, starch11 and fruits / vegetables and offer milk to students.


Students must pay for lunch each day, but if they are unable to, there is a national program that enables students to have lunch for free or a reduced price, depending upon their household income12.


A typical menu for my school would be:


Hamburger on a bun13

Mashed Potatoes14






There are enough options14 served that even if students don’t eat everything, they are given the opportunity15 to eat a well-balanced meal. Bread, cake and desserts are baked at our school; however, most schools choose to buy these items for students.


Students at my school eat in a cafeteria16, separate from all of the classrooms. It is considered very unsanitary17 to eat in the classroom and most schools have a separate cafeteria. Many schools have a gymnasium18 that converts19 into a cafeteria for lunch and back to a gymnasium during physical education or assemblies20. In our school the cafeteria remains separate, thus more sanitary21.  We do our best to keep it that way. 





1. kitchen manager: the official title of Kims position, in which she supervises about 8 cooks who prepare the lunch for about 800 to 1,000  or more elementary school students in Pella, Iowa City Schools (厨房管理员).

2. intermediate school: a school which consists of class grades 4, 5 and 6 (含有四、五、六年级的学校).  The name of the school is Jefferson Intermediate School.

3. oversee: be in charge of a group of workers and check that a piece of work is done satisfactorily (监督,管理).

4. The National School Lunch Program: a federally funded program which provides some items of food as part of lunches that are served in public schools in the U.S. (国家的学校午餐计划,为美国公立学校提供的由联邦政府资助部分午餐).

5. guidelines: suggestions or rules which indicate how the school lunch program should be carried out (指导原则).

6. standards: the specific criteria for cleanliness, portion size, cost, caloric content, etc. (专门的标准,如卫生要求,每份午餐的量,成本,热量要求等).

7. portion size: the amount of a food item that is served to an individual student (每份午餐的量).

8. healthy choices: 供选择的健康食品

9. well balanced meals: lunches which meet all nutritional requirements as set by the U.

S. government (营养合理的饭菜,即完全符合美国政府规定的营养要求).

10. protein:蛋白质

11. starch:淀粉

12. household income: the  amount of money which a single household or family earns (家庭收入).  Level of household income is used to determine pricing of lunches, and permits reduced prices to low level income families.

13. hamburger on a bun: a sandwich consisting of a beef patty between two halves of a bread bun, with choice of seasonings and vegetables, i.e. mustard, ketchup, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, etc. (一种汉堡,把圆面包切成两半,当中夹上牛肉饼,并加上调料和蔬菜,如芥末,番茄酱,生菜,番茄,洋葱等).

14. Mashed Potatoes: 土豆泥

15. options: choices of foods within a food type (一类食物中可供任选其一的几种食品).

16. opportunity: 机会

17. cafeteria: the food serving and eating area of a school (学校的自助食堂).

18. unsanitary: not clean, contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria, viruses, etc. (不卫生).

19. gymnasium:体育馆

20. converts: changes from one thing to another (改变).

21. assemblies: times when the entire school meets together (全校集会).

22. sanitary: clean, or free from harmful germs (干净,卫生).



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