Homecoming Weekend

This past weekend was Homecoming weekend1 at Central College, where Don and I used to teach.  It was a very busy and enjoyable week end for all of us.  The weather was perfect, warm and sunny.  Since many of the alumni2 wanted to (and did) attend the football game, the day was right for that activity3.    Besides the football game, there were many other events4 scheduled5 and enjoyed.


Friday noon Don and I attended a luncheon6 on campus that honored7 people who have contributed8 to the college in various ways.  It also honored the members of the class of 1957, who were having their fifty-year reunion9.  Many vigorous10 elderly11 people were there.  That class has obviously12 done welll3.  Friday evening there was an event that only Central College has, the annual lemming race14.  I’ll have Don write a blog about it later, explaining this odd15 and humorous event.


Another special event on campus was a group of Buddhist monks16 who made a sand painting17 and were showing students how it was done.  Don and I went to see the demonstration18 and the Mandala19, the sand painting.  It was certainly interesting. 


Saturday morning Don and I gave a talk on China to Central College alumni who were interested in attending our “Life Long Learning Class20.”  We enjoyed the opportunity21 to talk about China and its interesting developments. 


The football game was Saturday afternoon and Central College won, so that made everyone around campus happy.  That night we attended a special dinner where alumni were awarded for their achievements22.  I particularly23 enjoyed it since one of my favorite English majors24 from a number of years back received the outstanding alumnus award25 for the year.  She now lives in Minnesota26 and we don’t see her very often, so it was a treat27 to sit with her at the dinner and see her receive the special recognition28 that we believed she deserves.


Sunday morning some friends from New York City came to our home for breakfast and a good visit.  Don’s specialty29 is omelettes30 so he fixed them for us.  They were delicious as always.


Kim had a busy weekend too.  She graduated from Central fifteen years ago and her class had a small reunion that she was the chairperson31 for. She was out late, attending many get-togethers32 and had a very good time. 


All in all, Homecoming 2007 was enjoyed by all three of us.  Sunday night found us tired but happy.




l. Homecoming weekend: A weekend, Friday and Saturday, usually in the fall when graduates of an institution return to have meetings, see a football game, visit with one another, etc. (毕业生回校的周末,星期五和星期天,通常是在秋天,届时有会议,看足球赛,相互叙旧等).

2. alumni: graduates of an institution (校友)

3. that activity: football game

4. events: individual activities, each a part of a larger group of pursuits of either an academic or an extracurricular nature (活动,事件).

5. scheduled: placed in a particular time and sequence of events, usually published in advance (安排,排定).

6. luncheon: a meal at noontime, generally light in nature (午餐).

7. honored: 向……表示敬意

8. contributed:做出贡献

9.fifty year reunion: a meeting or coming together of people who graduated 50 years ago (毕业五十年聚会).

10. vigorous:精力充沛的,健壮的

11. elderly:年长的

12. obviously: easily seen or noticed readily (显而易见的)

14. done well: have accomplished many things of various sorts.

15. annual lemming race: a competitive event as part of the homecoming celebration (一种竞赛,是毕业生回校活动的一部分).

16. odd: strange or unusual (特别的,不同寻常的)

17. Buddhist monks:(佛教中的)和尚

18. sand painting: an artistic design made by carefully placing colored sand in a pattern (沙画).

19. Mandala(曼荼罗,坛场): The word is from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit. Loosely translated to mean “circle,” a mandala is far more than a simple shape. It represents wholeness, and can be seen as a model for the organizational structure of life itself–a cosmic diagram that reminds us of our relation to the infinite, the world that extends both beyond and within our bodies and minds.

20 life long learning class: 终生学习课

21. opportunity: a chance to do something of interest (机会).

22. achievements: accomplishments (成就)

23. particularly: especially or specifically of a certain kind, or for a certain reason.

24. English majors: people who have majored or specialized in English language and literature (英国语言文学专业的学生).

25. the outstanding alumnus award: 优秀校友奖

26. Minnesota: the name of the U.S. state located just north of Iowa and bordering on Canada (明尼苏达州,位于爱荷华州北部,与加拿大接壤).

27. a treat: something especially enjoyable or desirable (难得的乐事).

28. recognition:赏识

29. specialty: 专长

30. omelettes: a food prepared by beating eggs, partially cooked and with desired meats or vegetables added, then folded over in half (煎蛋卷).

31. chairperson:主席

32. get-togethers:聚会



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