Dutch Day Camp in Pella, Iowa

                                                                                  by Kathy Li

Today’s blog was written by a much younger, and quite special, person, whom Don and I enjoy very much.  She would like to share a special experience with other people. 


My name is Kathy Li. I was born in Hangzhou, China, but I’ve lived in the U.S. for six years.  I am 11 years old and I will be a 6th grade student in the fall.  I usually spend my summers with my honorary grandparents1 in Pella, Iowa.  (Don and Maxine Huffman)


 Last year and this year I attended Dutch Day Camp2 in the Pella Historical Village3.  Last summer I learned about the Dutch in the Netherlands4.  I also learned to speak a little bit of Dutch and we played lots of Dutch games.  This year we learned about how the Dutch came to Iowa and settled5 in Pella.  Mrs. Zylstra teaches the day camp and she is also a 5th grade teacher.  Her ancestors6 helped settle Pella.  She planned a lot of fun activities7 for us and we learned a lot.  We toured8 the Dutch windmill9 that I have visited several times before but I have learned something new every time.  Mrs. Zylstra wanted us to do some research on Pella to see if it was more Dutch or more American.  My grandpa and I did a survey10 about Dutch names and non-Dutch names.  We found that Pella is still heavily populated with people of Dutch ancesrtry11. 


This will be the last time I attend Dutch Day camp because next year I will be too old for it.  Besides I will be visiting my Grandma Sheng12 in Hangzhou next summer.  I have forgotten how to speak Chinese.  I am hoping that Grandma Sheng will help me learn it again.  But I will always have good memories13 of Pella and Dutch Day Camp. 



1. honorary grandparents: a title for extended family individuals of about the age of ones own biological family who one elects and honors by calling them Grandfather and/or Grandmother (干爷爷/外公,干奶奶/外婆).

2. Dutch Day Camp: a vacation period educational activity held in Pella, Iowa, which teaches children about the customs and culture of Dutch people who have immigrated from the Netherlands and established homes in Pella.

3. Pella Historical Village: a large museum consisting of many buildings which exhibit the architectural, historical, and cultural background of Pella (派拉历史博物馆).

4. Netherlands: the country often called Holland which is located in northwest Europe (荷兰).

5. settled: established homes and a community (定居).

6. ancestors: 祖先

7. fun activities: enjoyable pastimes such as games, music, dancing, art, etc.

8. toured: traveled as a group, or go through a specific area of interest (参观).

9. Dutch Windmill: 荷兰风磨坊

10. survey: a collection of data for the analysis of some aspect of a group or area (调查).

11. ancestry: the members of ones family who lived a long time ago (祖先).

12. Grandma Sheng: Kathys biological grandmother who lives in China (Kathy住在中国的亲外婆).

13. Hangzhou: a city in Zhejiang Province, People’s Republic of China, where Sheng lives.

14. memories n. things from the past which one remembers (记住的事物).



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