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[joke] Rather than hire actors to ...

来源:Reader's Digest 作者:Mike Messinger 时间:2008-11-26 Tag:joke   点击:
Rather than hire actors to portray homeless men, the director wanted the real deal, with all the grittiness (坚韧不拔) and despair that comes from being on the streets. I was working as the assistant director when the location scout (球探,星探) found some down-and-out (穷困潦倒的人) men who fit the description. They agreed to show up the following week. But when it was time to shoot (拍摄) the scene, our destitute (困穷的) men arrived on the set -- freshly shaven (修过脸的) and dressed in new clothes. "What happened to my homeless people?!" yelled the director. "We cleaned ourselves up," one replied. "We wanted to look good for the movie."

— Joke contributed by Mike Messinger
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