My Day by Blitzen IV

A blog which would be written by our dog if she could write. Written by Kim while Don and Maxine were in China.

Whine1 to my Kim when she’s sleeping in2 after 7 even though she takes me outside at 6 in the morning and she has a SNOW DAY3. I like to get fed at 7 and then wait around to get any extra treats4.

At 11 a.m. I went for a ride to HyVee5 and we stopped by Dairy Queen6  for lunch. I got a free ice cream cone7 for being a cute8 dog and I also got my own hamburger9 too!

Sometimes, when we go for a ride10, we go to the bank and I get a treat from the bank teller11! I sit up and wait patiently and they like it I don’t bark and demand12 my treat.

Later, I got to go for another ride to the Village Cleaners13 and Wal-Mart14, but they don’t give treats to dogs. So, when I got home, I decided not to get out of the car. My Kim had to promise to take me on a walk15! So, we went on a walk!

There had been so much snow in the morning, there was slush16 everywhere and deep snow drifts17. I ran and pretended18 I knew the snow was deep all the time, even when I fell in!

Everyday, I get to watch19 the birds and the squirrels in my yard. Some days, I get to chase20 them! But, it is a rare day21 that I get to go on TWO car rides!



1. whine: make high pitched sounds of a complaining sort or nature (发出尖利的声音).
2. sleeping in: meaning sleeping beyond the usual time of awakening in the morning (睡过头).
3. snow day: a day on which school is cancelled because the heavy snow makes it difficult and dangerous to drive the school buses which pick up many of the students who attend school (因下大雪学校听课日). On snow days, Kim also does not have to work in the kitchen to fix food for the students.
4. treats: good things given to eat when Blitzen is a good dog (好吃的东西).
5. HyVee: the name of a large supermarket where we buy most of our food (某大型超市的名称).
6. Dairy Queen: the name of an ice cream and sandwich shop (一家卖冰激凌和三明治的店).
7. ice cream cone: a thin pastry shell in which ice cream is placed so that it can be eaten without a spoon and bowl (圆筒冰激凌).
8. cute: nice looking and nice acting animal or person (讨人喜欢的).
9. hamburger: 汉堡
10. go for a ride: ride in the car when Kim or other people drive someplace (搭便车).
11. bank teller: the person who deals with the customers who come to the bank (银行出纳员).
12. demand: ask for something very firmly (要求).
13. Village Cleaners: a shop where laundry and cleaning of clothes is done (洗衣店).
14. Wal-Mart: the name of a large discount store which sells many different types of items (沃尔玛,一家大型超市).  This is one of the largest stores in the U.S. and is in some other countries as well.
15. on a walk: walking somewhere with someone (去散步).  Dogs are not permitted to be loose, so to take a walk someone must have them on a leash while walking in the city.
16. slush: partly melted or watery snow as it melts (开始融化的雪).
17. snow drifts: piles of snow that result from wind having blown it in this place (吹积的雪堆).
18. pretended: made believe, or acted as if something was being done (假装).
19. get to watch: be able to look at something (能够看某物).
20. chase: run after or pursue something or someone (追).
21. a rare day: an unusual day or event in one’s life (不寻常的一天).



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